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Help Uploading Photos

To upload a photo or other file you need to visit Special:Upload and fill out the form there. This guide was written for a previous version of the form where all the code had to be filled out manually. This has been kept for interest.


Most photos should have the following code added to them. This can be done either in the 'summary' box whilst uploading or by tapping 'edit' on the file once it has been uploaded. Its recommended that new users use the latter option, as well as the preview function, to avoid simple mistakes.

The code works just like the Infobox, and most of the tags are optional.

|description = A description of the file. This will appear in the gallery sections, so keep it short!
|extra = A longer description, if necessary, which will be used instead of the normal one when viewing a photo. This should also be used to list the vehicles visible in a very old photo.
|type = This will replace the line 'Photo taken...' with what you specify, but it's not really necessary.
|direction = The direction you were travelling in, for services which are on either side of the road.
|year = The year the photo was taken, or thereabouts. OR:
|date = To be used instead of year: specify the full date if available. Any format is acceptable, but DD/MM/YYYY is preferred.
|photographer = The person who should be credited for the photo. For ease's sake if yourself, put [[User:YourUsername]] or [[User:YourUsername|YourNickname]].
|licence = If the photo has been taken from another website which allows you to do so, enter the licence here. Currently Creative Commons 'by-sa', 'by-nc-nd' and 'by-nc-sa' are accepted (check the licence's URL if you're not sure), or you can enter 'Geograph' if it came from the Geograph project.
|source = As with the licence, but enter the address where the photo came from here. NOT the search engine used to locate it or Creative Commons page.
|feature1 = See the next section for details.
|feature2 =
|feature3 =
|feature4 =
|feature5 =

'Feature' tagging

The above code allows for each photo to be tagged with five items which you believe are related to this. This defines which galleries the photo will appear in.

Generally, you should list anything relevant which you believe the photo is a good example of, such as an operator, road, service station or brand. Try to keep your tags concurrent with existing page titles, for instance enter 'Strensham' not 'Strensham services' otherwise it won't appear with the rest of the photos.

Due to the technical wizardry which occurs when this function is used, a new category will be created. So, if one of your tags was Strensham, the photo will be added to the category 'Strensham pictures'. These look unsightly and serve no practical purpose, so if you see such a category listed at the bottom of a photo with a red link please tap it and save the page with: #REDIRECT [[Gallery:TAG NAME]]
Replacing 'tag name' with the name of the tag in use, in this case it's 'Strenham'. This will hide the category from public view and it will apply to all photos with that tag.

Displaying Photos

As explained above, if the 'feature' function is used the photos will automatically appear in selected galleries. To view the full photo yourself, you need to go to

Both the main infobox and the services box have room for a single photo to be displayed by adding '|image = FILENAME' to the code. The lead photo should be the one which best sums up the item, usually showing the entrance to the amenities building.

Sometimes it may be best for a photo to accompany a block of text. To do this, enter [[File:FILENAME|250px|thumb|right|CAPTION]]. In some cases, it may be best to use 'left' instead of 'right' or a different image size.

To link to a file, use [[Media:FILENAME]].

In all of these cases, the photo must have first been uploaded to this website. A small gallery of photos can be displayed in the middle of a block of text, to this enter: <gallery widths="150px" heights="120px" perrow="4">
File:SECOND FILENAME|Second description.
File:THIRD FILENAME|Third description.
</gallery> ...etc.