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Julie's Pantry

Julie's Pantry
Julie's Pantry
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Associated names:KFC
Successors:Burger King
Julie's Pantry logo.
The Julie's Pantry logo.

Julie's Pantry was a name created by Trusthouse Forte in 1980. It provided a bright and attractive dining area and comfortable seating. The staff wore green dungarees, and the logo showed a girl wearing an apron.

It was introduced to rival the burger bars offered by their rivals, and rolled out to most services as the closest Forte came to offering fast food in the 1980s.

In the 1990s, Julie's Pantry was streamlined and branded Julie's Express. It served burgers in a takeaway form from a counter, like any of the fast food brands that followed it. In fact, some Julie's stood next to KFC.

In 1996 Granada bought Welcome Break, and announced they were going to introduce the brands they owned to its services. By 1998, all Julie's Pantries had been replaced by Granada's favoured franchise, Burger King. Many of those replacement Burger Kings are still in exactly the same place today.


Julie's could be found at the following services: