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Road: M77 at J6
(also accessible to traffic on the A77)
Location: Kingswell, East Ayrshire
Date planned: 2006-?
Operator: Roadchef
Grid reference: NS494471

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Kingswell services were planned as part of the completion of the M77 and granted planning permission in 2006. However, nothing ever came of the plans, and although in 2009 A-Z listed the services as being open, it looks like they've been taken off the cards for good.

The plans included parking for over 200 cars, 20 lorries and 5 coaches, and the service area would have featured 'The Bogland Garden', a chance for motorists to unwind in the adjacent nature reserve.

The plans would have needed extra sliproads to be added to the junction, which currently only has north-facing ones. For this reason another site was considered at J5, where the road meets the busy A726, but those plans never materialised either.