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Road: M1 at J45
Location: Swillington, Leeds
Date planned: 1997-2005
Operator: Extra
Grid reference: SE349310

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Extra made several applications to build a service area and Travelodge to the south of M1 J45, a junction which hadn't been opened at the time. Little is known about the details of that planned service area or why it was rejected.

It would have involved reconnecting Knowsthorpe Lane to the motorway.

New Plans

In Spring 2016, Extra submitted a new £50m plan for a service station here, creating 300 jobs. If successful the services would open in Autumn 2017.

The new Skelton Lake services takes all the successes of Cobham and Beaconsfield and mixes the work done at Gloucester to create what it deems to be a "new concept", where its natural features (grass roof, tree-lined approach roads, access to the lake) are its main selling point.

Extra are working on the basis that the services will support a local housing development. They have, for the last few years, been fighting for permission to open services down the road at Sheffield too. There would be a central area with four kiosks, and an additional nine units around it, with a two-storey motel joined on. Timber louvres would furnish the appearance of the green-roofed building.

Their rekindled enthusiasm for building new services comes following a period of quiet stability, which they needed to recover from the financial uncertainty caused by poor turnover at Derby with Burton and Leicester North and the high investment put into Beaconsfield and Cobham.

In October 2016, the proposals were approved in principle by Leeds City Council.

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