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Severe disruption to fuel supplies across the country

Many motorway services are strugging some have long queues - more details.

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< return to Moto We list 45 services which are wholly or partially operated by Moto, details of which are included below. Tapping the links down the left column will provide you with more information on each service area, such as their facilities and exact location.

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Services Location Rating
Barton Park A1(M)/A1 at J56 3 star
Birch M62 between J18 and J19 3 star
Blyth A1(M)/A1 at J34 3 star
Bridgwater M5 at J24 3 star
Burton-in-Kendal M6 northbound between J35 and J36 3 star
Cardiff West M4 at J33 3 star
Cherwell Valley M40 at J10 and A43 3 star
Chieveley M4 at J13 and A34 3 star
Doncaster (North) M18 at J5 and M180 4 star
Donington M1 at J23A and J24, A42 and A50 4 star
Dover Port Within Eastern Docks, Dover
Exeter M5 at J30 3 star
Ferrybridge M62 at J33 and A1 3 star
Frankley M5 between J3 and J4 3 star
Grantham North A1 near Grantham 3 star
Heston M4 between J2 and J3 3 star
Hilton Park M6 between J10A and J11 3 star
Kinross M90 at J6 3 star
Knutsford M6 between J18 and J19 3 star
Lancaster M6 between J32 and J33 3 star
Leeming Bar A1(M) at J51 3 star
Leigh Delamere M4 between J17 and J18 3 star
Lymm M6 at J20 and M56 at J9 3 star
Medway M2 between J4 and J5 3 star
Pease Pottage M23 at J11 and A23 3 star
Reading M4 between J11 and J12 3 star
Rugby M6 at J1 4 star
Saltash A38 between Plymouth and Bodmin 2 star
A1(M) northbound at J15
Scotch Corner A1(M) at J53 and A66 3 star
Severn View M48 at J1, M4 at J21 and J22 3 star
Southwaite M6 between J41 and J42 3 star
Stafford (North) M6 northbound between J14 and J15 3 star
Stirling M9 and M80 at J9 4 star
Swansea West M4 at J47 4 star
Tamworth M42 at J10 and A5 3 star
Thurrock M25 at J30 and J31, A13 and A282 3 star
Tiverton M5 at J27 3 star
Toddington M1 between J11A and J12 3 star
Todhills M6 between J44 and J45 3 star
Trowell M1 between J25 and J26 3 star
Washington A1(M) between J64 and J65 3 star
Wetherby A1(M) at J46 3 star
Winchester M3 between J8 and J9 3 star
Woolley Edge M1 between J38 and J39 3 star

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