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Little Chef Lodge

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Little Chef Lodge
Little Chef Lodge
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Associated names:Little Chef
Successors:Forte Travelodge

Little Chef Lodge was a budget hotel chain. As its name suggests, it was a spin-off of Little Chef, designed to boost the number of number of people dining in the restaurant with the offer of cheap accommodation next door.

The first Little Chef Lodge opened at Gretna in 1972. By the 1980s it was expanding fast, having established a simple design that kept design and construction costs low. Operating costs were much lower than at a normal hotel too, because Little Chef Lodges were able to share their management and resources with the Little Chef restaurant.

Prices started at £19.50 for a single room and £24.50 for a family room. Forte claimed their Little Chef Lodge "new concept" was unique because of its simplicity; tourist boards called it "incredibly reasonable". The Little Chef restaurants were still the priority, with the Lodge sometimes opening at a later date.

By 1987, Forte were still following a plan to open many "key locations as pilots". They were aiming to have 100 branches by the end of the decade. However, Forte now owned the Travelodge name, and the Barton under Needwood branch was moved over to that brand. The following year the Little Chef Lodges all became 'Forte Travelodge'.

While the 'Little Chef Lodge' name was no more, the Little Chef and Travelodge names would continue to be closely interlinked. Many new Little Chefs and Travelodges opened together, and internally each Travelodge-Little Chef pairing was managed as if it was just one branch. In 2003 Granada sold "Travelodge Little Chef" to Permira of Canada, who then spent over a year separating the two businesses, allowing them to dispose of Little Chef. This ended what had become a famous partnership.


Full details: Little Chef Lodge map

Little Chef Lodge could be found at the following branches:

Due to its fast rate of expansion, it's possible that there were more branches which opened as a Little Chef Lodge immediately before being rebranded.

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