Motorway Services Online

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Service stations are open.

MSO:Old Format

The following formatting styles are considered outdated and should be updated.

Redundant Tags

The following tags don't do any harm, but they don't do anything any more. It looks a bit untidy and could confuse a new editor. So if you spot one, remove it!

  • Template:Services should not use: |telephone, |opened, |gridref, |website, |foursquare, |facebook, |twitter, |oldpostcode, |prevop UNLESS it is "closed" or "planned"
  • Template:Facilities has several different variables for the same thing (Hotel, Motel, Hotels). Best to use the industry-standard "Hotel". "Hotels" is harmless.
  • Template:Gallery should always have "duped = yes" set if it is being used in conjunction with Template:Services

Photos That Need A Year

Photo galleries are now organised based on the year the photo was taken. This means all pictures need a "year" to be set. If "year" is not set then it will use the date that the photo was uploaded.

The following photos are old so the system won't be able to work out when they were taken. We should add a "year" tag. If you aren't sure, "1970s" and "1972?" are both acceptable for a "year" tag, and are both better than the system assuming it was taken in 2012!

All done - thanks ☺

Old LPG Format

Some pages have LPG information attached to the fuel brand, others don't. It doesn't really matter which one we use, but we should pick one so every page looks the same. It is probably best to use Template:LPG, as no other item is attached to the fuel brand (including AdBlue - or at least it shouldn't be!).

All done - thanks ☺

Old COVID-19 Template

Template:Coronavirus is still relevant so there is no need to remove it.

The template is being used 10 times. When the time comes (probably when that figure drops below 100), it should be removed.

This list is cached to reduce server strain. You can use the 'purge' button to update it.