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Service stations are open.

Photography Code of Conduct

Newport Pagnell grill restaurant.

As a society, we are grateful for the support all of the main operators have offered us as we go about our hobby. We ask that you return the same respect by abiding by the following instructions whenever you visit a service area to take photos or look at the history.

  • Follow any instructions given by staff, contractors or emergency services.
  • Most staff will be surprised to hear their workplace is your hobby. Be polite if they're curious - they may even be able to help you.
  • People should not be made to feel uncomfortable in their own workplace. Be careful when taking pictures with staff in them. Neither staff nor customers may understand that you're only interested in the building!
  • If you want to cross a road, use your common sense. Traffic leaving the motorway can be heavy and will not be expecting pedestrians.
    • Avoid standing with your back to traffic.
  • Never try to enter a room which is clearly not intended for public access without permission.
  • Do not walk past the start/end of motorway signs or cross the motorway fence; it is illegal.
  • We are not interested in photos of things such the back of a cash machine or a security system. Be wary if things like this are in the background of your shot because it is going to look odd.
  • If you are on a professional shoot (anything with a tripod or taking more than 20 minutes), it is polite to inform the duty manager, so they can accommodate you.
  • If you are in a small café, it is good manners to make a purchase when you visit.

It doesn't matter whether you're taking photos with the intention of uploading them to this website or not: by carrying out your hobby you are representing all enthusiasts. We ask you to be polite and considerate at all times.

What happens to my photos?

Killington Lake sunrise.

When you upload a photo to Motorway Services Online, it will appear in the following places:

  • The photo will have its own page on the website, where your name or username will be thanked.
  • The photo will appear in any galleries you add it to.
  • The photo may be used to illustrate one of our pages.
  • That illustration may be applied alongside links to that article when they are shared online.
  • Motorway Services Online may share your photos on its social media channels, with credit applied.
  • If another person sees your photo and wishes to use it elsewhere, they are asked to write a message on your talk page. You can then choose whether make an agreement with them or not. Sometimes they will email us, in which case we will contact you using the email we have on record for you (without passing it on).

If you have any queries or concerns, please get in touch. The page Help:Photos should help answer some basic questions about uploading and adding photos.