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MSO:Services we don't list

A line has to be drawn somewhere, and our rule is that we only list services which have a road sign to Diagram 2313 or Diagram 2919. That said, we also list other sites which are related to the topic of motorway services, and either generate a lot of interest or have a lot worth writing about.

This page exists as a sort-of purgatory for services. We don't want to create too many pages because it is too much work for our volunteers to keep them up to date. These examples don't have any convincing argument to give them their own page, but they do sort-of resemble pages which already exist so one day we might have the drive to include them.

Insufficient signage

These places do have flag signs calling it a "Services", but no advance signage.

  • Ye Olde Hutton Cafe (A38)
  • Ivy Garage (A38) - signed with an old green sign from the slip road, suggesting there were once more signs.
  • Turgis Green (A33) - one sign is provided for clarity at the junction.
  • Saxondale (A46) - signed from the little roundabout only, not the main one. Bit of interest that it has been there for years.
  • Patcham (A23/A27) - there's a tired old sign on the roundabout, but nothing else.
  • Kingsmeadow (A419/A429) - signage all around the roundabout but nothing decent in advance.
  • Pocklington (A1079) - signed from the roundabout. Local authority road; no advance signage.
  • Regiment (A130) - there is just a little sign
  • Glenkindie, Ballater and Braemar (A939) - these are just villages and not service areas, despite the big "Services" list in Speybridge.
  • Gateway (i54 Business Park) - despite a big "Services" being painted on the road, there is no other acknowledgement
  • Clifton (A453) - has one "Services" sign which should really say 'Supermarket'

The following are even stranger:

  • Hartford (A141) - signed on roundabout as "filling station"
  • A5 Services (NI) - that's just its name!
  • Rho's Cafe (A48) - built on the old road, it's signed as a tourist attraction
  • Brettenham Heath (A11) - signed as a tourist attraction
  • Shiptonthorpe (A1079) - signed as a tourist attraction - that may have changed with the new road
  • Farnborough (A3013) - Ordnance Survey call it a service station, but the signs just say "Hotel/Restaurant/Petrol"

Euro Garages are on a spate of building new sites. Some of the largest examples are:

  • Bury St Edmunds (A14)
  • Haddington (A1)
  • Elgin (A96)
  • Earlsfield (M57)
  • Maghull (M58)
  • Hollinwood (M60)
  • Rosyth (M90)
  • Tarbock Island (M62/M57)

If people are searching for them there is nothing wrong with adding them, but if they aren't then we don't need to.

Then there are the classic exceptions:

  • Gatwick Airport north & south
  • Dublin Airport

And these complications:

  • Redwings. It used to be a service area on the A1. That road is now the B1043, but the 20-year-old signs are still there. Given there has been a change in highway authority and service station owner, it's very likely that the signs have been forgotten and there is no signing agreement to go with them. Given this, given that the B1043 only carries local traffic, the short mention this place gets on the Sawtry page is probably enough. Technically, it should probably be listed in its own right; if not as a current service area then as a former A1 one.
  • N1 Dundalk - the signs are there but the place doesn't exist! Same goes for Swords really
  • Morrisons Boroughbridge. It was never properly signed, but used to have "Services" flag signs that now say "Superstore" but have symbols.

Selected by Ordnance Survey

These places do not have any qualifying signage, but they are highlighted as services in Ordnance Survey mapping - most likely they used a third-party source to find as many "services" as possible.

  • Torre (A836)
  • Rivenhall
  • Thorpe-le-Soken
  • Dedham
  • Penzance
  • Wimbourne Minster
  • Thorney Toll
  • Rugeley
  • Bradford
  • Ashchurch
  • Dundee
  • Oldbury (A4123) - former Little Chef, still a Travelodge and BP; not signed at all
  • Delamere (later removed)
  • Knutsford (Tabley Mere) - still shown in 2018 despite it not being on the A556 any more
  • Crewe Green (A5020) - added in 2017. Not signed at all. Once a planned Little Chef
  • Bassingfield - see below
  • Flamstead on the old A5 was prominently shown as a service area and truckstop in the A-Z, but appears to have never been signed.