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Norton Canes services location and directions

Norton Canes
Norton Canes services
Road:M6 Toll between JT6 and JT7
Address:Road Chef
Norton Canes M S A
Bettys Lane
Norton Canes
WS11 9UX
Telephone number:01543 272540
Signposted from the road?Yes
Grid reference:SK023074
Services type: Single site located between junctions with access to both sides.
Visit Norton Canes/Roadchef's official website
Twitter: @Norton_Canes


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The services are signed from both sides of the motorway between JT6 and JT7.

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Not Far From

Please remember that if you leave the M6 Toll before the mainline toll booths or join it after them, you will have to pay the toll, even if you intend to pass through them later or passed through them earlier. Using these services does not count as leaving the motorway.

Bridgtown (3 miles)
Burntwood (4 miles)
Cannock (4 miles)
Wolverhampton (11 miles)
Tamworth (12 miles)
Stafford (15 miles)