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Pease Pottage services location and directions

Pease Pottage
Pease Pottage services
Road:M23 at J11
(also accessible to traffic on the A23 and the A264)
Address:Moto Break
Pease Pottage Motorway Services Area
Brighton Road
Pease Pottage
West Sussex
RH11 9YA
Telephone number:01293 562852
Signposted from the road?As Burger King/Costa/M&S
Previous operators:Welcome Break, Granada
Grid reference:TQ263332
Services type:Single site located at a junction.
Visit Pease Pottage/Moto's official website
Twitter: @PeasePottage1


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The services are signed from both sides of the motorway.

From the A23 northbound, you need to leave at J11 (where the road becomes a motorway) and turn right at the roundabout. Take the first right to enter the services.

From the M23 southbound, you need to leave at J11 and turn left at the roundabout. Take the first right to enter the services.

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Not Far From

Pease Pottage (1 mile)
Crawley (2 miles)
Gatwick Airport (8 miles)
East Grinstead (11 miles)
Brighton (20 miles)
City of London (34 miles)