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Maresfield services


A22 Maresfield Bypass at Black Down Roundabout
(also accessible to traffic on the A26)

Signposted from the road.

Post Code:

TN22 5EP

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Single site located at a junction.

Also known as Blackdown services or Ashdown Forest services, this is a small site at the Black Down Roundabout.


Catering: McDonald's Drive Thru Forecourt: Under refurbishment

Contact Details[edit]

Maresfield By Pass
East Sussex
TN22 5EP

Trivia and History[edit]

Closed restaurant.
The Little Chef after it closed.

When the Maresfield Bypass was built, provision was included for a service area here. The finished road had an embankment provided for the slip roads. Plans started in 1985, put forward by Norfolk House and Forte, and it opened in 1998 with a Little Chef and a Total petrol station.

The Little Chef, which looked sunk down away from the road, quickly gained a drive thru, but the whole building closed in 2010. There was a plan for it to be converted to a KFC, but it re-opened two years later as a McDonald's instead.

Since 2012 the petrol station has been Shell. The Shell filling station is currently closed for refurbishment and is due to reopen before the end of 2018.


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