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Moreton Valence

Moreton Valence:

Road: M5 between J12 and J13
Location: Moreton Valence, Gloucester, Gloucestershire
Date planned: 1968-1980
Grid reference: SO791094 (SABRE Maps)
See also: Staverton

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Moreton Valence services would have been on the M5 between J12 and J13. The site has four ghost slips and two fields which were slightly offset, although not to the extent of nearby Michaelwood.

The services would have designed with curved sliproads on each side, to take advantage of the land available.

There is road bridge over the M5 immediately south of the proposed service area and at either end of it there is a small road which runs alongside the M5 and ends at the fields, these would have been the services' emergency access roads.

One of the concerns with the site is that it's very exposed, being partly a disused runway, meaning sensitivity was required in the design. It was originally planned in 1968 to open in 1970, then repeatedly postponed.

Taverna and Granada would have been allowed to bid for the services, despite them owning Leigh Delamere, as little traffic was expected to take that route.

Other Services[edit]

Michaelwood services are 10 miles south of here, and 10 miles to the north is another unbuilt service area at Staverton. Unlike Michaelwood, Moreton Valence was expected to be fairly busy from opening.

In 2014 a new service area opened a few miles to the north, called Gloucester. Strensham services is 21 miles to the north.