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Road: M5 between J5 and J6
Location: Newland, Droitwich, Worcestershire
Other names: Hadzor, Newland Common
Date planned: 1970s & 1994-1996
Grid reference: SO909611 (SABRE Maps)

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Droitwich services was a planned service area on the M5 between J5 and J6.

Original Plan

The M5 was originally going to have services at Strensham and here at Newland Common (now known as Droitwich). This would have left a large gap from Corley, so Frankley was pushed forwards and Newland Common was downgraded to an infill site for later use. It was erroneously marked as open in some atlases.

All potential evidence for the original planned site, including four half-built sliproads, was destroyed when the M5 was widened in 1985. Because the services were planned before the road was widened, the site looks even smaller than it should be.

Trench Lane seems to head straight for the service area, and on the other side of the motorway Tagwell Road seems to dive out of the way, and it even has access on to the field where the services should be. It could just be that this is where Trench Lane met Tagwell Road before the motorway was built, but even so, there is something very strange about the layout, possibly to do with the planned service area.

It was likely to host a maintenance compound, but this was cancelled too.

A press report in 1973 said an experimental picnic area was being considered at Newland Common. This didn't happen, but one was built down the road at Sedgemoor.

Later Plans

A 1994 government press release said a new service area would be opening on the M5 near Droitwich. It was on a long list, but most of the others on it did open.

In 1996 another application was made to build a service area at Droitwich. The grid references given suggest it would be at the same site, although it looks like it's too small for modern use and the address given was "land west of the M5".

This plan was rejected because the area is within green belt land and there was reportedly no justification for building a service area here, plus there were concerns about its environmental impact and the lack of detail in the plan.