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Road: M11 between J8 and J9
Location: Newport, Essex
Other names: Debden
Date planned: 1971-1991
Grid reference: TL520326 (SABRE Maps)
See also: Duxford

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This is an unbuilt service area in Essex. For the services on the M1, see Newport Pagnell.

Newport was another planned dual-sided service area on the M11, this one pre-dating Birchanger Green.

It was going to be built to partner Chigwell. However the rule was if Chigwell was never built, Newport wouldn't be either, as it would upset the spacing. (Instead Newton would be built.) As Chigwell never happened, Newport was postponed indefinitely too.

Low traffic levels were a big problem when it came to providing facilities on the M11. Had Newport been built, it would have probably only had a small building on one side of the motorway. Although initially this was considered sufficient, it later became clear that such small facilities were simply not viable to run.

In addition, Essex County Council opposed the proposal.