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Northway services

Northway services
Road:A1 between Stevenage and Biggleswade
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Address:Great North Road
Signposted from the road?Yes
Grid reference:TL225382
Services type:Two sites staggered between junctions, with no public connection between them.

Little Chef Wiki

Now simply a pair of BP garages by the A1, although the motel recently reopened as a new budget brand.



Forecourt: BP, Nisa Local, Subway, Costa Express


Motel: Redwings Lodgewebsite Forecourt: BP, BP Connect, Wild Bean Café, AdBlue Cannisters

BP Express operate the southbound filling station.

Trivia and History

Old Little Chef.
The Little Chef before it closed.

Northway used to be the typical 'Little Chef and a petrol station' pairing, but its history is a little bit more complicated than that.

The southbound restaurant was originally a pub, which became a Happy Eater in the 1980s. In 1989, this gained a Travelodge (named Hinxworth/Baldock), as the two had recently become sister brands.

In 1996, that Happy Eater became the Baldock Little Chef. Its heritage as a pub made it one of the more distinctive buildings, although not the most distinctive on the A1.

In 2010 the Little Chef closed and in 2013 the hotel closed. In 2014, it reopened as the Baldock branch of Redwings Lodge.

The northbound restaurant opened in 1980 as a more typical, flat-roofed diner, named Astwick. Surrounded by several Little Chefs within a few miles, it was one of many candidates to be sold in 2004. No bidder was found and it was closed, locked and furnished.

In 2010 the neighbouring forecourt was extended, which required the restaurant to be closed.