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Road: M5 at J17
(also accessible to traffic on the B4055)
Location: Patchway, South Gloucestershire
Other names: Cribbs Causeway
Date planned: 1960s
Grid reference: ST578813 (SABRE Maps)

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Cribbs Causeway redirects here. For services near Cribbs Causeway, see Gordano and Severn View.

Overcourt services was an option considered as an alternative to Gordano. Unlike many other services considered, a full plan was drawn up for this one: there would have been a filling station and police station by the entrance, a trucker's café, a large coach parking area at the furthest end and a car park next to a small amenity building.

Unusually for services of that era, this would have involved a new junction being created on the B4055, with traffic having to head up that B-road to access it.

Although the main site planned was in the north-east corner, another option in the south-west was considered.

The Overcourt plan was ruled out because it was in a very open area. With hindsight, local retail developments would have made this area very congested too.