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Pedham Place

Pedham Place:

Road: M25 at J3
M20 at J1
Location: Pedham Place, Swanley, Kent
Other names: Swanley
Date planned: 1979-1986
Operator: Mobil
Grid reference: TQ529674 (SABRE Maps)
See also: West Kingsdown, Chevening

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This is the unbuilt services at the M25/M20 interchange. For the existing services on the A20, see Services on the A20.

One of many services which were considered on the M25 before it opened, Pedham Place was ruled out because of anticipated levels of congestion at the M20 interchange.

It was a private proposal, separate to ongoing government studies, put forward by Mobil. It would have included a coach interchange and a hotel. They argued it could operate alongside any other services.

The plans were taken to a public inquiry.