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Road: M1 at J10
Location: Pepperstock, Luton
Date planned: 1960s
Grid reference: TL085183 (SABRE Maps)
See also: Redbourn

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Pepperstock services was a proposed service area hastily planned to tackle an emerging problem.

The rejection of Redbourn services in 1958 left a gap in provision at the southern end of the M1. With Newport Pagnell heavily overloaded by 1961, a new site was required urgently. Of the few suitable sites available, Pepperstock at M1 J10 was the most suitable and became the favoured plan, and was recommended for immediate development.

Bedfordshire County Council objected to the plan, saying it was too close to the village of Pepperstock and that the diversion to a bridleway would cause a considerable delay. Requiring an urgent solution, the Ministry said that they would "regretfully" build Toddington, despite it being too small.

The idea of building at a junction hadn't been tried at the time, but Scratchwood soon opened down the road. Today this is a busy junction and with Toddington overloaded, it's probably best services weren't built here.

Another popular option was Breakspears at J8, but a privately planned motel had recently been rejected there. The Aubrey's also seemed to fit but was ruled out because the rear access would have crossed a railway line.