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Professional Drivers

A coach park.

This page attempts to give some general information aimed at drivers of Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) and coaches who use motorway services. As always, this is only a brief overview and for answers to specific queries you should ask the operator.

Coach Drivers

Coaches are valuable to service areas as they bring a large amount of custom, but this custom can lead to sudden surges which the services struggle to handle. This also means that the services only benefit when there are many passengers present, so to prevent people using the discounts in other circumstances strict and frequently changing rules often apply to them.

The different schemes are listed and compared below. To find out which service area is owned by which operator, use the Services Search. These discounts are for vehicles carrying passengers only.

Operator Full details How to apply Restaurant Discount Retail Discount Prize Draw? Other Benefits
Moto Website Download form from website and post it or pick up form from their services Eat in EDC for 1p (if consumed on premises) 20% off when £5 or more is spent at M&S
£2 voucher for WHSmith
No Used to inform drivers of news and offers
Welcome Break Website No membership system - you may need to show a job sheet or fill out a form when you stop with the exception of National Express drivers. Eat in Burger King or KFC for 1p (take-away available) 15% off when £5 or more is spent at Waitrose
At least £2 WHSmith voucher available from Eat In
Yes Most services now have dedicated assistants in the coach parks which have gone down very well with coach drivers.
Roadchef Website Download from website and post it Free meal at Hot Food Co. Loyalty card: at least 10 points are given for a stop with passengers. Points can be redeemed in WHSmith (10 points = £2) Yes WHSmith can also redeem loyalty points as Argos vouchers (to be posted) or phone top-ups (100 points = £10)
Extra Website Not necessary £10 voucher valid for 1 month and redeemable at the following Extra facilities: McDonald's, KFC, Starbucks, Costa and M&S Simply Food £10 voucher valid for 1 month and redeemable in Extra WHSmiths No none
Westmorland Website Download form from website and post it none none No Used to keep members informed on specific offers and news
Euro Garages Website Show ID and passengers at Rivington services Free meal from any restaurant none No
Stop 24 Website Download form from website and post it or pick up form from Folkestone services Eat for 1p at the restaurants (if consumed on premises) Present proof of your journey to the visitor centre for a £5 voucher redeemable at any outlet but Shell No There is an on-site coach interchange

Coaches can often use services aimed at HGV drivers only. Please note that this table is meant to be a guide but is checked periodically for accuracy.

A common complaint from coach drivers is that HGVs will use their parking spaces. This is something many operators will tell you they are working to enforce - check with them for more details.

Lorry Drivers

A HGV refuelling area.

Although lorry drivers don't bring any custom with them, they are regular users of motorway services and as a result the operators are keen to have them use as many facilities as possible. Most services these days now provide showers (the quality of which varies) and allow you to open up an account for parking on request.

Moto operate a 'food for fuel' scheme where 300 litres of fuel gives a £3 voucher which is redeemable in Costa and EDC. They also operate truckstops at Barton Park and Lymm.

Westmorland operate a special truckstop at J38 of the M6.

Following a drive (pun not intended) by the Road Haulage Association there are set to be improvements to the provision for facilities for HGV drivers on the motorway. Lorry-only services will soon be permitted directly on the motorway, as well as more support for truckstops from the Highways Agency.

Unfortunately, there is a history of HGV drivers causing more trouble than any other class of vehicle at service areas. Many services have introduced a no-tolerance policy for HGVs parking in the wrong place, even if it was a mistake, and will clamp on sight. There have also been reports of some drivers behaving irresponsibly, which little can be done about, but it does weaken the case for improving facilities for HGV drivers. Improvements start at the centre.

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