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RoadChef Lodge

RoadChef Lodge
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Locations:up to 13
Associated names:Roadchef
Successors:Travel Inn, Ingram Hotel
The proposed RoadLodge logo.

RoadChef Lodge was the initial name for Roadchef's line of budget accommodation, like that offered by rivals Granada Lodge and Welcome Break's Travelodge.

The RoadChef Lodge logo used the standard 1990s Roadchef logo, with the word 'Lodge' beneath it in a large, cursive font.

In 1995, Roadchef registered the name Superlodge Ltd, but this was never used publicly. In 1996, drawings of a potential RoadLodge logo emerged, but again it's not clear if this was a serious proposal.

As the size of the market became clear, Roadchef looked at opening hotels elsewhere, such as by the NEC and Wembley. They worked very closely with Premier Lodge, who owned the name Holiday Inn Express. With more Holiday Inn Expresses opening near motorways, there were rumours that RoadChef Lodge was about to be removed in favour of that name.

However, before this could happen Roadchef's motorway interests were sold, leaving RoadChef's non-motorway hotels to open under the name Ingram Hotel.

In 2000 the remaining RoadChef Lodges were branded Travel Inn, under a licence which allowed brand owners Whitbread to operate the hotels but not manage the staff. The new branding helped Travel Inn grow, and aimed to remove an association between the upkeep of the motels and that of the service stations.

Former Locations[edit]

The services known to have a RoadChef Lodge were: