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Rock Island Diner

Rock Island Diner
Successors:Little Chef
Tamworth Ladbrokes.
The Tamworth branch is now a Ladbrokes.

There used to be a network of 1950s, rock-and-roll-themed Rock Island Diners across the country, although there are none left now. There were only ever two at motorway services.

At a time when Granada were rapidly expanding Little Chef, at two of their services they decided to try something different. Rock Island Diner had a similar appeal, but was a little more edgy. It had glossy chrome and red plastic fittings, 1950s-style posters, and played rock and Beatles music. One review called it "genuinely fun to eat in", even though it was empty.

At Tamworth it was in a separate building, attached to a Ladbrokes.

The diner format was used again by Welcome Break in 2016 with their tie-in with Ed's Easy Diner, also using a purpose-built separate building.


Rock Island Diner used to be found at the following services: