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Successors:Welcome Break
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This is the former operator. For the small A40/M50 services near Ross-on-Wye, see Ross Spur.

Ross ran some of the older motorway services on the network, most famously Leicester Forest East. They were an arm of a food giant which today still focuses on frozen foods - one of their main features at their services was the Captain's Table Restaurant.

They originally entered the motorway market to advertise their frozen food operations, but as they dropped the quality of their food to stay in the market they re-branded their services as Motoross.

View Ross' The Motor Grill restaurant menu (June 1977)

Motoross Struggle[edit]

In 1969, having lost the bid for Heston, they described the government's tendering process as "un-buisnesslike", and refused to build any more services until the regulations were relaxed. They had been led to believe that the alcohol restrictions on services were about to be lifted, and without this happening the appeal of their wide-ranging restaurants had been limited.

In 1972 they declined an invitation to bid for Hensall, claiming they couldn't afford it. However, they did build several new services around this time.


In 1982 Motoross were taken over by Imperial and in April 1984 they sold their services and the Anchor Hotels to Hanson Trust, who used the services to recreate the Welcome Break name.

The new Welcome Break received a lot of praise from critics, and this was largely down to Ross's good design and maintenance.


The following services were owned by Ross:

The following services were planned by Ross but they were never built: