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RoadMain OperatorSignposted from the road?
Ashby de la ZouchKFC Drive ThruA42 at J13EG GroupSouthbound only
BaldockKFCA1(M)/A1 at J10ExtraYes
BarthomleyKFC Drive Thrusmart M6 at J16 and A500EG Group & ShellNo
BeaconsfieldKFCM40 at J2ExtraYes
Birchanger GreenKFCM11 at J8Welcome BreakYes
BurtonwoodKFCM62 at J8Welcome BreakYes (as Starbucks/KFC)
CambridgeKFCA14 at J24 and J24AExtraYes
Cardiff GateKFC Drive ThruM4 at J30Welcome BreakYes
Charnock RichardKFCM6 between J27 and J28Welcome BreakYes
Cherwell ValleyKFCM40 at J10 and A43MotoYes
CobhamKFCM25 between J9 and J10ExtraYes
CorleyKFCsmart M6 between J3 and J3AWelcome BreakYes
Derby and BurtonKFC Drive ThruA38/A50 near DerbyYes
DoningtonKFCM1 at J23A and J24, A42 and A50MotoYes
EveshamKFC Drive ThruA46/A44 at EveshamCo-operative GroupYes
EyeKFC Drive ThruA15 at PeterboroughRontecYes (eastbound)
Family FarmKFC Drive Thru (northbound only)A34 between Oxford and M40Yes
FleetKFCM3 between J4A and J5Welcome BreakYes
FolkestoneKFCM20 at J11Stop 24Yes
Folly TowerKFC Drive ThruA472 at PontypoolEG GroupYes
FontwellKFC Drive ThruA27/A29 at FontwellEG Group & ShellYes
Frontier ParkKFC Drive ThruM65 at J6EG GroupNo (side roads only)
GordanoKFCM5 at J19Welcome BreakYes
GretnaKFCA74(M) between J21 and J22Welcome BreakYes
Hartshead MoorKFC (westbound only)smart M62 between J25 and J26Welcome BreakYes
Hopwood ParkKFCM42 at J2Welcome BreakYes
KeeleKFCsmart M6 between J15 and J16Welcome BreakYes
Leeds Skelton LakeKFCM1 at J45ExtraYes
Leicester Forest EastKFCM1 between J21 and J21AWelcome BreakYes
Leicester NorthKFC Drive ThruA46 between Leicester and LoughbroughQuadrant EstatesYes
Markham MoorKFC Drive ThruA1 between Newark and DoncasterNot listedYes
Markham ValeKFC Drive Thrusmart M1 at J29AEG GroupNo
Martlesham HeathKFC Drive ThruA12 at Martlesham HeathYes
MemburyKFCM4 between J14 and J15Welcome BreakYes
MichaelwoodKFCM5 between J13 and J14Welcome BreakYes
Newport PagnellKFCsmart M1 between J14 and J15Welcome BreakYes
Newton ParkKFC Drive ThruA1(M) J59JET Retail UK Ltd & EG GroupNo
OxfordKFCM40 at J8A and A40Welcome BreakYes
PeartreeKFCA34 on the Oxford Ring RoadWelcome BreakYes
PeterboroughKFCA1(M)/A1 at J17ExtraYes
PocklingtonKFC Drive ThruA1079 between Hull and YorkBrookfield GroupAt the junction only
ReadingKFC (westbound only)smart M4 between J11 and J12MotoYes
RoundswellKFC Drive ThruA39 at BarnstapleEG Group & SGN RetailYes
RugbyKFCM6 at J1MotoYes
Scotch CornerKFCA1(M) at J53 and A66MotoYes
SleafordKFC Drive ThruA15/A17 at SleafordEG Group & RontecYes
SolsticeKFC Drive ThruA303 at PodimoreWestbound only
South MimmsKFCsmart M25 at J23 and A1(M) at J1Welcome BreakYes
ToddingtonKFC (northbound only)smart M1 between J11A and J12MotoYes
WarwickKFCM40 between J12 and J13Welcome BreakYes
WetherbyKFCA1(M) at J46MotoYes
WoodallKFCsmart M1 between J30 and J31Welcome BreakYes
Wynyard ParkKFC Drive ThruA19 between Easington and MiddlesbroughNot listedYes

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