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Severe disruption to fuel supplies across the country

Many motorway services in the South East have no fuel for cars, others have very long queues - more details.

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RoadMain OperatorSignposted from the road?
AbingtonStarbucksM74 and A74(M) at J13Welcome BreakYes
AcleStarbucksA47 at AcleWestbound only
Ashby de la ZouchStarbucks Drive ThruA42 at J13EG GroupSouthbound only
AttleboroughStarbucks Drive Thru (westbound only)A11 between Thetford and NorwichEastbound only
BaldockStarbucksA1(M)/A1 at J10ExtraYes
BangorStarbucks Drive ThruA5 and A55 J11EG GroupYes
Barton StaceyStarbucks (westbound only)A303 westbound between Basingstoke and AndoverEG Group & MFGYes
BattlefieldStarbucks Drive ThruA49/A53 north of ShrewsburyYes
BeaconsfieldStarbucksStarbucks Drive ThruM40 at J2ExtraYes
BeckingtonStarbucksA36/A361 between Bath and WarminsterBP Express/Euro GaragesYes
BicesterStarbucks Drive ThruA41 at BicesterEG GroupNorth-westbound only
Bilbrough TopStarbucks Drive ThruA64 between Bramham and YorkNot listedYes
BinleyStarbucks Drive ThruA46 southbound at CoventryMFGYes
Birchanger GreenStarbucksM11 at J8Welcome BreakYes
BoshipStarbucksA22 Hailsham BypassEG Group & ShellYes
Brampton HutStarbucks Drive ThruA1 and A14BPYes
BudbrookeStarbucks Drive ThruA46 between Stratford and CoventryEG Group & BP ExpressYes
BurtonwoodStarbucksM62 at J8Welcome BreakYes (as Starbucks/KFC)
Caenby CornerStarbucks Drive ThruA15 between Lincoln and BriggYes (badly)
Capel St MaryStarbucks (southbound only)A12 at J32AYes
Cardiff GateStarbucksM4 at J30Welcome BreakYes
Charnock RichardStarbucksM6 between J27 and J28Welcome BreakYes
Chiverton CrossStarbucksA30 between Bodmin and RedruthMFGYes
CobhamStarbucksM25 between J9 and J10ExtraYes
CollinStarbucksA75 at DumfriesEG Group & ShellYes
CorleyStarbuckssmart M6 between J3 and J3AWelcome BreakYes
Cross HandsStarbucksA48 between M4 and CarmarthenRontec & EG GroupEastbound only
DreghornStarbucksA720 at the Dreghorn exitEG Group & ShellYes
Dumbarton GatewayStarbucks (northbound only)A82 between Glasgow and DumbartonEG Group & MFGYes
East HorndonStarbucks (eastbound only)A127 eastbound at HorndonPoorly
ElyStarbucksA10 at ElyEG Group & BP ExpressYes
EmsworthStarbucks (eastbound only)A27 between Portsmouth and ChichesterNot listedYes
Eye GreenStarbucksA47 between Peterborough and WisbechEG GroupYes
FairfieldStarbucks Drive ThruA16 at LouthBlakemore Retail & EG GroupYes
Family FarmStarbucks Drive Thru (northbound only)Starbucks (southbound only)A34 between Oxford and M40Yes
FleetStarbucksM3 between J4A and J5Welcome BreakYes
Frontier ParkStarbucks Drive ThruM65 at J6EG GroupNo (side roads only)
GatewayStarbucks (eastbound only)A55 between J33A and J33BYes
GordanoStarbucksM5 at J19Welcome BreakYes
GretnaStarbucksA74(M) between J21 and J22Welcome BreakYes
HartleburyStarbucks Drive ThruA449 between Kidderminster and WorcesterEG GroupYes
Hartshead MoorStarbucksStarbucks Drive Thrusmart M62 between J25 and J26Welcome BreakYes
HayleStarbucks Drive ThruA30 at HayleEG Group & ShellYes
HicksteadStarbucksA23 between Crawley and BrightonEG Group & ShellYes
Hopwood ParkStarbucksStarbucks Drive ThruM42 at J2Welcome BreakYes
KeeleStarbucksStarbucks Drive Thrusmart M6 between J15 and J16Welcome BreakYes
KetteringStarbucks (westbound only)A14 between J8 and J9BP Express & EG GroupYes
Kinmel ParkStarbucksA55 between J24A and J25EG GroupYes
Leeds Skelton LakeStarbucksM1 at J45ExtraYes
Leicester Forest EastStarbucksM1 between J21 and J21AWelcome BreakYes
LiphookStarbucks (northbound only)A3 between Hindhead and PetersfieldShellYes
London GatewayStarbucksM1 between J2 and J4Welcome BreakYes
Long SuttonStarbucks Drive ThruA17 between Spalding and King's LynnMFGYes
Markham MoorStarbucks Drive ThruA1 between Newark and DoncasterNot listedYes
Markham ValeStarbucks Drive Thrusmart M1 at J29AEG GroupNo
MemburyStarbucksM4 between J14 and J15Welcome BreakYes
MichaelwoodStarbucksM5 between J13 and J14Welcome BreakYes
MiddlewichStarbucksA54 near MiddlewichEG Group & ShellYes
MonmouthStarbucks (northbound only)A40 between Newport and MonmouthEG GroupYes
New FoxStarbucks (northbound only)A1 between Stamford and ColsterworthNo

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