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Sleep Inn

Sleep Inn
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Associated names:Comfort Inn, Quality Inn
Successors:Purple Hotels

Sleep Inn is one of a number of brands owned by Choice Hotels International. The brand was used by Extra as their first motel concession. At this time the brand was licensed for use by Friendly Hotels company, which re-branded itself as CHE Group to promote the Choice Hotels relationship. It was this company that ran the Extra hotels.

The company was also owner of the Scotch Corner Hotel, operated under the Friendly Hotels 'Stop Inn' brand.

Following an unsuccessful relationship with the brand owner, CHE Group and Choice Hotels went their separate ways and the CHE Group became The Real Hotel Company. In 2007 they launched the Purple Hotels brand.

Following the split, Choice Hotels International still operate the 'Comfort Inn' and 'Quality Inn' brands in the UK but both have a very small presence, generally in minor roadside locations.


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