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Service stations are open.

South Queensferry and Ferrymuir services


M90/A90 at J1A
(also accessible to traffic on the A904, A9000, B800 and the B907)

Signposted from the road? From A90 north only


EH30 9YJ / EH30 9QZ

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Series of sites arranged around a junction.

Two small service areas positioned in the Queensferry area, by the new Queensferry Crossing. Both are signposted from the A90 northbound but not the M90 southbound, even though they are accessible from and slightly closer to the M90.


The South Queensferry site is positioned close to the A90 roundabout.

COVID-19 update: These details were updated on 17 March 2021, with changes caused by COVID-19.
Catering: McDonald's Drive Thru Hotel: Premier Inn Forecourt: BP, Wild Bean Café, M&S Simply Food, Air1 AdBlue, Car Wash, Free Cash Machine

Ferrymuir Alternative Facilities

The Ferrymuir site on the B800 is signed as "alternative services". No HGV access is permitted.

COVID-19 update: These details were updated on 17 March 2021, with changes caused by COVID-19.
Catering: Burger King Drive Thru Shops: Tesco Main Amenities: Free Cash Machine Hotel: Temporarily closed Charging Points: Pod Point Forecourt: Tesco, Shop, AdBlue Containers, Car Wash

There is an additional Shell forecourt on Ferry Muir Road, which is no longer signed.

Parking Price

Short stay customer parking is provided at both sites.

No formal HGV bays are provided, although HGVs can access the South Queensferry site.

This information is provided to us by third parties. You should always check with staff on site.

Contact Details

🏢 Address:
Builyeon Road
South Queensferry
West Lothian
EH30 9YJ / EH30 9QZ

Trivia and History

This site consists of two separate service areas positioned on either side of the Echline Junction, on the old A90. Now the A90 has been moved to the west to meet the Queensferry Crossing, both services can be accessed from the new Queensferry Junction (M90 J1A) - but signs are only provided when heading north, as even if there was enough space it would need to become a full MSA to be signed southbound. Despite this, it is signed once you are on the M90 exit slip road.

If - as the plan was and may be again - the A90 south of here is upgraded to become M90, it's likely that the 'services' signs will be removed from that road, leaving signs on the local roads only.

Original Development

Shell forecourt.
The Shell garage at Forth Road Bridge services.

The Forth Road Bridge opened in 1964, with a large toll booth at South Queensferry. In about 1968 the Forth Bridges Motel was built next to it. This was a large, three-storey, block-shaped building with an excellent view across the Forth Estuary from both the motel and the car park.

The Forth Bridges Motel and its large parking area were at one end of a street called Ferrymuir Gait. At the other end, a garage was built around the same time as the motel, close to the junction with what later became the A8000 Ferry Muir Road. The garage became a Shell forecourt and the area became known as Forth Road Bridge services. It was signposted from the A8000 with a number of signs incorrectly calling it a "Sevices". Ordnance Survey mapping marked the site with a 'services' symbol where the motel was.

The Forth Bridges Motel became the South Queensferry Hotel, and gained a café on the ground floor which was aimed at parking traffic. The hotel became tired; it closed in 1999 and was demolished shortly afterwards. It is likely to eventually become a housing estate.

The forecourt was closed for a brief refurbishment in August 2016, at which point the signs were removed and not replaced. One reason for this is that it benefits from the signs pointing to the surrounding services anyway. A large car and lorry park can still be found at the end of Ferrymuir Gait, providing access to the Forth Bridges viewpoint, but this is no longer considered a formal service area.

New Sites

In the 1990s, Forthview service station was built on the A904 Builyeon Road. This gained additional facilities to become known as the South Queensferry services. This means there was now a petrol station both west and east of the A90 at Echline Junction, which traded well on the basis that this was the last exit before the busy Forth Road Bridge. Signs on the A90 informed motorists of the services, and told drivers they could turn left or right.

A motel and restaurant were built here, and offered significant competition for the Forth Bridges Motel.

The final new development came with the opening of a Tesco supermarket at Ferry Muir on the A8000 in 2000. This was signed as 'Ferrymuir services' from the A8000, which was now the main road towards Edinburgh. It piggy-backed on the signage already directing traffic down here for the Forth Road Bridge services. In 2006 the A8000 was by-passed by the extended M9 spur, causing the old road to be downgraded to B800. This site was still signposted as services from the B800.

In 2017 the A90 Forth Road Bridge was closed to most traffic; it was renumbered A9000 and is open to buses, taxis and motorcycles only. It was replaced by the new M90 Queensferry Crossing, with a new Queensferry Junction. The new junction includes signs for "Services" pointing down the Builyeon Road. Once at the South Queensferry services, signs tell traffic it can either turn left into the services or continue ahead for "alternative services" at Ferrymuir.


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