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Stockbridge services


A27 Chichester Bypass, Stockbridge Roundabout

Signposted from the road.


PO19 8FH (westbound), PO19 8TH (eastbound)

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Two sites located on either side of the road (turning possible)

Two petrol stations and car dealerships at the exit from the Stockbridge Roundabout. Each side has its own dedicated petrol station but you can use the roundabouts to turn around.


Forecourt: Esso, Shop 'n Drive, Costa Express, West Cornwall Pasty Co, AdBlue4You, Car Wash (eastbound only), Jet Wash (eastbound only)

Contact Details

🏢 Address:
Chichester By Pass
West Sussex
PO19 8FH / PO19 8TH

Trivia and History

Bed and Mattress Chichester.
The former westbound AJ's restaurant now plays home to the Bed & Mattress Centre.

Two petrol stations were built in the late 1980s by City Garages Ltd; the westbound one was named Stockbridge and the eastbound Kingsham. The eastbound one was built on the former Kingsham Farm. They became Texaco and Co-op Food sites.

In 1987 an AJ's restaurant was built next to each of them, each with a dedicated car park. They both had play areas; the westbound one was by the road and the eastbound one was at the back.

In 1997 the AJ's restaurants were sold to The Celebrated Group, who named them Starvin Marvin's. Soon afterwards the westbound one was sold to Little Chef, while the eastbound one was sold to a car dealership.

That Little Chef then closed in 2005 and is now a bed store.

Road Signs

The service area used to be fully signed, advertising toilets, a petrol station (with the old-style pump symbol) and a restaurant. Those signs are now battered and mostly missing, suggesting the place doesn't want to be an official service area any more.

The westbound half-mile sign was removed in 2010. Shortly afterwards, the approach sign (which was unusually positioned on the roundabout itself) was mostly covered up, leaving just an updated pump symbol.

The eastbound half-mile sign had most its symbols covered up in 2012. It is still there, with its old-style pump symbol, but is usually covered by the bushes. The approach sign had its symbols covered up around the same time, leaving just the old pump symbol. In 2016 the sign was taken down and replaced with a non-standard 'Petrol Station' sign. There was an additional sign at the entrance, which was taken down around the time the symbols were covered up.


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