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Lolworth and Swavesey services

Lolworth and Swavesey
Road:A14 between J28A and J29
(Google Maps link)
Address:Little Chef
Huntingdon Road
CB23 8DR
Grid reference:TL378642 (SABRE Maps)
Services type:Two sites located between junctions, with no public connection between them.

Lolworth and Swavesey were a pair of services on the A14. Although they were separate facilities and a good mile apart, they effectively operated together in tandem, and have now both lost full signage or closed following the widening of the A14.

The westbound (Lolworth) Little ChefHistory opened around 1970 while the eastbound (Swavesey) Little Chef opened in 1984. Confusingly, the Lolworth site was also known as Bar Hill.

In 2000, both sites gained a rival in the Cambridge services, which opened right opposite Swavesey and was considerably larger.


Forte purchased an existing transport café, itself a converted property, which was positioned right next to the Bar Hill forecourt. The restante had three pitches to its roof, and was painted white with red stripes.

In 1985 they moved and rebuilt the building in a more modern style, with brown bricks and a low roof. There were plans to add a Little Chef Lodge at the time; the initial application was refused but it was advertised as opening in 1988. It possibly opened as a Travelodge.

The filling station was branded Fina, who called it "Lolworth service station", with "a PUNCH station!" written across its canopy. It had just two filling rows, and a small sales shop to the side. In 1998 the petrol station was destroyed when a lorry collided with it. It later became Total, changing to BP in 2012. It was operated by MRH and had an unbranded shop and a Costa Express machine.

Lolworth gained a Coffee Stop in the 1990s, which became a Café Nescafe and then Burger King, and was then later removed. In 2014, Lolworth Little Chef underwent a major refurbishment, the first to be done by Kout Food Group. This saw the Burger King rebuilt.

On 14 May 2017, the restaurant and petrol station at the westbound services closed to make way for the A14 widening works. From this point, signs on the A14 advised traffic that there is "no fuel or services", while a sign for Cambridge services has been erected a few miles before. The Travelodge then later closed in early 2019.

After the new A14 opened in May 2020, the old Lolworth site stands abandoned and isolated. The new road was designed to motorway standards, so even if some of Lolworth's land wasn't needed to widen the road, there still couldn't have been an exit to a facility so small.

It is possible that when the bridleway is finished, access to the old car park may be possible via that. It is likely that the land will eventually be cleared and become part of the neighbouring industrial estate.


Herbie's American Diner.
Herbie's American Diner is now on the A1307 local road, formerly the A14 eastbound.

Swavesey services is set to continue for the time being, offering an independent diner called Herbie's American Diner and a Travelodgebook. The former forecourt is also still in place however it is currently vacant (formerly Texaco - itself previously called 'Six O Four').

As the Little Chef and petrol station have closed - probably a consequence of the competition - all the signs for the services have been taken down. This means it is no longer officially regarded as a service area.

After the new A14 is completed, the old A14 eastbound will become the A1307. This means Swavesey services will still be there, but not easily accessible to traffic on the main road. This means the diner and motel could continue to operate but not as a typical service area set-up, much like Redwings.