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Talke Pits services


A500 between Stoke-on-Trent and Crewe
(also accessible to traffic on the A34)

Not signposted from the road.

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Single site located at a junction.


Talke was intended to be an upmarket hotel, but it managed to descend in to a typical service station set up.


Catering: Greggs, Subway, Starbucks on the Go Shops: Sainsbury's On the go Motel: Travelodgebook

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Newcastle Road

Trivia and History

Old Little Chef.
The building immediately after becoming a Little Chef.

The site replaced a petrol station which had served the A34 at Four Lane Ends since the 1940s. It was demolished and re-built by Granada as a Granada Hotel with a small, tall AJ's restaurant. The Granada Hotel was aimed largely at businesses.

In October 1994, it was sold to Trusthouse Forte, who quickly changed the restaurant to Little ChefHistory and the motel to Travelodge. The Granada Hotel had only been open 14 months. Shortly after its conversion the building was given a significant extension to give it its current shape. The entrance to the car park was moved from Talke Road to the roundabout.

Granada later bought Forte, and in 1998 they added a Burger King to the restaurant, which later closed. The branch then spent some time as a Little Chef Choices.

The Little Chef closed in January 2018 following the loss of rights to the brand by owners Euro Garages and was replaced by the temporary name EG Diner. The EG Diner then closed on 23 May 2018 as a result of low custom. Euro Garages then decided to refurbish the site and in February 2019 closed the Subway with the site reopening in April 2019 with the Subway trading alongside a new Greggs unit. A Sainsbury's On the go also joined the site in the summer of 2019. As part of the refurbishment, Euro Garages now refer to the site on signage as 'Talke Pits' referring to the nearby village.

Despite having never had a forecourt or qualified for signage, Talke is still marked as a full service area on Ordnance Survey mapping.


Crewe (3 miles)
Gowy (A51, 25 miles)
Services on the A500 Derby and Burton (A50 east, 37 miles)
Crewe (3 miles) Euro Garages services none nearby