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Talke services

Euro Garages
Talke services
Road:A500 between Stoke-on-Trent and Crewe
(also accessible to traffic on the A34)
(Google Maps link)
Address:Newcastle Road
Signposted from the road?No
Previous operators:Granada
Grid reference:SJ831518
Services type:Single site located at a junction.
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Little Chef Wiki

Talke was intended to be an upmarket hotel, but it managed to descend in to a typical service station set up.


Catering: Little Chef, Subway Motel: Travelodgebook

Trivia & History

This was originally a Granada Hotel with an AJ's. In 1994, it was sold to Trusthouse Forte, who kitted it out with a Little Chef and Travelodge.

Granada later bought Forte, and decided to add a Burger King to the restaurant, which then closed. It then spent some time as a Little Chef Choices.

Euro Garages operate the restaurants, and are expected to close the Little Chef this year.