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Road: M40 between J6 and J7
Location: Postcombe, Thame, Oxfordshire
Date planned: 1986-1996
Operator: Margram
Grid reference: SP676022 (SABRE Maps)
See also: Stokenchurch, Lewknor, Booker

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Tetsworth services would have been a service area on the M40 between J6 and J7. Originally it was identified by the Department for Transport as a site they wanted to lease out, making it look like it was going to go ahead: they said they were going to provide services at "Barn Hill, Ardley and Tetsworth".

The services would have had looped sliproads to the east of the site, with the facilities themselves being to the west, very similar to Reading which was built at the same time.

There would have been 200 car parking spaces. It was described by the press as Britain's biggest service station.

The parish council objected to the services on principle, and argued that evidence from other services showed rear access abuse here would be severe. The community had faced an increase in development proposals since the M40 was extended, and were fighting against them.

After planning permission was refused in 1991, attention started turning towards nearby Stokenchurch services. In fact Oxford, the services which were eventually built, wasn't taken very seriously for a long time before it was given planning permission.

Margram made further proposals for services here.