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Hi Josh, If the services are signed along the A444 then I don't see why we can't include it on the site. I will be more than happy to help you out if you have any problems making the page.

Thanks User:Rich 17:03, 15th November 2013 (GMT)

Hi Rich, Could you please setup the page and then ill add some services too it. I am also a bit unsure how to do it so that would be great. Thanks :) User:Josh3 22:35, 16th November 2013 (GMT)

Hi Josh,

No problem! Will set it up now! User:Rich 01:22, 17th November 2013 (GMT)

Hi Rich, Could you please add Appleby Magna to A444 services list please. I can't do it very well so could you do it please.

Thanks :) User:Josh3 17:14, 17th November 2013 (GMT)

Hi Josh,
I certainly can, all done for you!
Thanks User:Rich 17:10, 18th November 2013 (GMT)

Hi Rich, could you please add weddington to the KFC locations. It never works when i do it. Thnaks User:Josh3 17:59 21st November 2013 (GMT)

Hi Josh,
I certainly can, all done for you!
Thanks User:Rich 19:08, 21st November 2013 (GMT)
Hi Rich,
I know I keep asking you things but I have a problem. In my area there are two services area that are in Weddington. As you know one is on the A444 and is on the site. However the other is on the A47 where it is a minor road through Nuneaton. I don't know what I should call the site? Would Nuneaton East or something similar be suitable?
Thanks User:Josh3 22:48,22nd November 2013 (GMT)
Hi Josh
Have a look what the fuel provider/restaurant provider calls the site and go ::with that name
User:Rich 23:12, 22nd November 2013 (GMT)

Hi Rich, Unfortunately both fuel providers refer to their sites as Weddington Thanks User:Josh3 13:41, 23rd November 2013 (GMT)

Hi Josh, Rename the current Weddington to Anker because that is what BP call the site Thanks, User:Rich 14:53, 23rd November 2013 (GMT)

Hi Rich, There is a fault on Costa Express only locations. If you press the Hinckley location, the link takes you to the A444 services list. I hope you can change this.

Thanks User:Josh3 22:06, 25th November 2013 (GMT)

Hi Josh
Sorry about that, that's my fault when I changed it to make the link work!!
I forgot its on the A47!!
I will fix it now!
Thanks, User:Rich 18:43, 26th November 2013 (GMT)