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Waltham Abbey

Waltham Abbey:

Road: M25 at J26
Location: Waltham Abbey, Essex
Date planned: 1994-1996
Operator: Extra
Grid reference: TQ402998 (SABRE Maps)
See also: Hill Hall

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While all the arguing was carrying on over who should build Hill Hall, Extra put in two applications to build a service area at M25 J26, and Laser, another developer, put in a third here at Waltham Abbey.

All of these developers argued that the Highways Agency hadn't expressed a preference for online or offline services, and building it on the urban fringe would minimise the environmental impact. They all offered junction improvements.

They also said that what custom would be lost from traffic heading between the M11 and the ports would be gained in traffic heading for Stansted Airport.

The services were all considered at the same time, but all refused on the basis there was no need for them.