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Road: M62 at J11
Location: Birchwood, Warrington
Developer: Extra
Grid reference: SJ669933 (SABRE Maps)

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Warrington site layout.
The planned road and site layout.

In late 2018, Extra announced that they intended to build a service area at J11 of the M62, at Birchwood. They argue that it will fill a large gap in existing service area provision, although their evidence uses a convoluted route from Birch services to Charnock Richard via Croft.

The junction is on the edge of Warrington and becoming increasingly industrialised. A dual carriageway would run from the roundabout down to the service area, before looping around the lorry park. This would replace Sliver Lane and the closed off entrance to Birchwood Way which is currently used mostly for parking and fly-tipping. It used to provide access to a landfill site.

Extra say their plan will "echo surrounding agricultural buildings". In a statement, they also promised "popular stores and retail outlets such as Leon, PizzaExpress, Greggs, Starbucks, Burger King, McDonald's and WHSmith", as well as a hotel. These would be spread out across two storeys, with the ground floor arranged around an atrium while the upper floor would likely be used as a meeting space or lounge.

Despite the ordinary-sounding layout, from the outside the building would look nothing like any other service station - more like a waterside apartment. Extra describe their plan as a "new concept" and "world class" facility, with up to 400 jobs created. Two public consultations took place, and the plans are now with Warrington Borough Council.

Extra are using the name Warrington to describe their proposal, despite the existing service area at Burtonwood actually being much closer to Warrington.

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