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Welcome Lodge

Welcome Lodge
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Locations:up to 19?
Successors:Days Inn
Welcome Lodge swan over sunrise.
The Welcome Lodge logo, similar to Welcome Break's at the time.

When Welcome Break were managed by hotels giant Trusthouse Forte, they added Forte Travelodge to many of their services. Four of them received Welcome Lodges.

The Welcome Lodge logo was in the same font as Welcome Break's at the time, with white text in a serif font over a pale blue background. The difference appears to be that Welcome Lodges provided a free breakfast, whereas the Travelodges didn't.

In 1995 Forte were purchased by Granada. The Monopolies and Mergers Commission ruled that Welcome Break needed to be sold, and to lose all ties with what Granada now owned. The new owners replaced all Welcome Break's Travelodges with more Welcome Lodges. This new Welcome Lodge adapted to use Welcome Break's new logo, with a swan over a sunrise.

As part of a wider-scale change, in 1999 Welcome Break started replacing the Welcome Lodges with a licence use of the better-known brand Days Inn. The changeover was planned to be quick, but there was little action and it wasn't until April 2009 that the final Welcome Lodge changed at Charnock Richard.


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