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Winning Post services

Winning Post
Winning Post services
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A38 northbound between Exeter and Plymouth

Signposted from the road.

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Single site located between junctions on one side of the road.

A pair of restaurants at the Exeter Racecourse exit.


Catering: Route 5website, Lavazza Forecourt: Esso, Spar, Costa Express, PG Tips 2Go, Air1 AdBlue

Contact Details[edit]

Winning Post Filling Station
A38 Haldon Hill

Trivia and History[edit]

BP forecourt.
The old BP forecourt.

This site is also known as Kennford services.

It is one of the original Welcome Break restaurants; there was one on each side of the road in the 1970s. These then became Happy Eaters, and in 1995 they both became Little Chefs. The northbound Little Chef had a conference room and was painted white with a low roof.

In 2007, the southbound Little Chef closed and became the Haldon Forest Diner. The signs calling it a service station were removed, in fact a sign immediately before the exit tells traffic there is a lay-by to use further ahead. The restaurant shares its exit with a small lane and an emergency access to the racecourse.

The northbound Little Chef closed in 2012 and two years later became the Route 5 diner. This is the only one in the chain not numbered after the road which serves it, as there is already a Route 38. Although there is a direct access and exit from the A38, there is also an entry and exit to the local road network.

A new Esso forecourt and sales shop replaced the previous, smaller, BP forecourt. The site is due to gain two new drive thrus soon.

The filling station was formerly operated by Chartman Retail then MRH; it is now operated by MFG.


Exeter (M5, 8 miles) Services on the A38 Woodpecker (13 miles)