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Burger King

Post by Admin » 06 Sep 2005, 18:03

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Post by Gavin » 22 Oct 2005, 13:54

Their burgers are all right but their frys are rubbish.

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Post by msa24man » 23 Oct 2005, 16:45

Gavin wrote:Their burgers are all right but their frys are rubbish.
i agree :)

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Post by Dave'sHouseOxfordM40 » 16 Dec 2005, 14:39

They are OK, someone keeps them in business.

Mrs H

Re: Burger King

Post by Mrs H » 04 Oct 2008, 15:59

NEVER go to a Burger King if you are a vegetarian.

Every single time I've been to a BK in the last five years, they've NEVER had any veggie burgers to cook, despite listing them on their menu.

It's discrimination and it's disgusting that they can only cater for people eager to eat half a cow.


Re: Burger King

Post by Guest » 27 Jul 2009, 18:08

start eating meat then! Weirdo!


Re: Burger King

Post by Guest » 04 Oct 2009, 15:32

NEVER go to a vegitarian restaurant if you want meat. They often don't serve meat and rarely have meat on the menu. It's discrimination!


Re: Burger King

Post by Guest » 21 Mar 2011, 12:08

Yesterday (20th March 2011) we called into the Toddington Service Station and then into Burger King for a quick snack. Never again will I go into a Burger King if the Toddington Burger King premises are typical of other Burger Kings. This place was FILTHY!! The tables were littered with rubbish and the floor had at least 6 peoples worth of food on it. If I had seen this before I placed my order I would have left. Just as we were about to leave a very reluctant cleaning guy came round and started to VERY SLOWLY clear tables, he obviously thought the floor was OK!!! DO NOT GO HERE!!!! :(


Re: Burger King

Post by Guest » 25 Apr 2011, 16:54

The BurgerKings at services never seem to sell milkshakes....what's up with that?


Re: Burger King

Post by RobynG » 11 Jun 2011, 21:10

Burger King are great - taste so much better than their main rival. HOWEVER their main problem is inconstent pricing. There is a big difference between high street outlets and those in motorway service areas and train stations. When I walk into a BK in a motorway service area and see the prices I invaribly walk out again. Their main rivals seem to have far more consistent pricing so I inavriable wait for a service area with the big M sign.
The daftest example was (and maybe still is) at Victoria train station. the BK within the station had the usual inflated prices but walk outside and a few yards along the road and the BK there had the cheaper price structure.
Come on BK get your act together and have CONSISTENT pricing.