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Little Chef

Post by Admin » 24 Feb 2006, 18:32

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Post by Ziathon » 04 Aug 2006, 22:14

Rumour has it that Little Chef wont be a Moto brand for much longer. I know stafford norths little chef is closing in October and Hilton Parks wont be far behind. They are being replaced by a coffee bar. More info as it becomes avalible

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Post by Roadhog » 05 Aug 2006, 11:28

I think Little Chef is going. Any brand which isn't fast food don't seem to be doing well off the road. Even Little Chefs that aren't off the motorway are closing.


Re: Little Chef

Post by Guest » 19 Apr 2009, 01:37

there was a little chef at cardiff gate before welcome break tookover


Re: Little Chef

Post by picky » 28 Oct 2009, 18:20

little chef, where else can you get a substantial meal at a reasonable price, why did they go from the motorway services, give me their food rather than the food other motorway services throw at you and charge an arm and a leg.


Re: Little Chef

Post by Michel » 18 Jan 2010, 01:50

I hope that Little Chef stays around the UK and is supported by the travelling public. Most now serve reasonable sized meals (especially the Olympic breakfast!) at affordable prices. I also note that they will also serve take away snacks for the very fast food junkies!

My wife and I have been using Little Chef restaurants all over for most of their UK history. We ceased calling for a time when the meals were over priced for their size, the quality went down hill and service was slow and reastaurants no longer kept clean. (That may be why they became unprofitable?) But they have surged back and so far, seem to be well worth visiting again. Keep the standard up and value for money and we will continue to use Little Chef restaurants.


Re: Little Chef

Post by Guest » 01 Aug 2010, 12:56

We have been using little chef since children were little and they are now grown adults with their own children. It would be a shame to loose Little Chef. We try to stay in areas where we know there is one. Staff always been pleasing and helpful, meals always good and lovely food. When welcome break took over things went haywire and choices of food altered to our distate but we still look for the signs.


Re: Little Chef

Post by Bryn666 » 23 Oct 2010, 15:22

I recently sampled a Little Chef at Three Nuns on the A62, and I must say I was more than pleased with the quality of what I got - it seems to me that Little Chef is picking up its act after going through a terrible phase at all their outlets about 8 years ago.

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Re: Little Chef

Post by Alan » 26 Oct 2010, 17:56

Agreed. Stopped at new look York branch a year on from my last visit and it still looks as good. The food too was tasty and the service was brilliant. I just hope they actually get round to rolling this format out in more branches as it would do their image no end of good.

Giles biggs

Re: Little Chef

Post by Giles biggs » 22 Jul 2011, 23:59

I must start by saying that I have not been in a litle chef for about ten years and after I decdied to nip in to my local one in Ilminster I was pleasantly surprised . As soon as I walked in the door I was approached by a waiter who told me all about the new menu and where the meat is sourced and how he has visited the farms etc .He then went on tell me all about the free wifi and powerpoints at the conference style table. Th food was amazing and the coffe was great . I did not have a desert but I did have the shortbread and that was amazing too. All In all a very good experiance and I wish they were all like that as I was most upset not to be able to fnd one to impress my wife on a long journey from Somerset to Norfolk .
Well done for the turnaround it is well worth it :lol: