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Re: Eat & Drink Co.

Post by Annie » 07 Dec 2011, 12:17

We had breakfast at the Stafford North services yesterday. The food looked like it had been sat there for hours when we got it to the table. The fried bread tasted of grease, the bacon was dried to a frazzle, the sausages were full of fat and bones and the eggs were just dry and burnt around the edges! We had a tea and a coffee and it came to £20!!!!!! I am in the process now of writing a complaint to them! I would NEVER go there again!

Stephen and barbara

Re: Eat & Drink Co.

Post by Stephen and barbara » 07 Dec 2011, 15:11

We called at Tamworth services and was going to choose EDC 2 main meals for £10 the fish looked nice so i asked for fish chip and as i dont like peas an awful lot i asked for these to be replaced with the beans that will be 96penece extra and the fish will be 7 minutes, "why there is one there and i want to replace the peas with beans" the reply was " we are not allowed to sell food that has been on display for more that an hour and we are not allowed to change the items so that will be an extra 96p" beans being cheaper than peas why????? surely in these economic times you should be trying to keep sales and not putting off your customers. I went burger king instead and although this cost me more at least they have some customer service skills :x

Stuart and Audz

Re: Eat & Drink Co.

Post by Stuart and Audz » 24 Dec 2011, 00:51

Welcome to Toddington, possibly one of the worst motorway service stops in England. We pulled in looking for a breakfast. The first thing we noticed when coming through the doors was the stench of blocked toilets and unwashed floors.

We found the EDC point and ordered from their breakfast bar, got a Costa coffee and sat down. After a few mouthfuls we had to abandon the breakfast. It was so bad. I'm not expecting top-notch breakfasts from a Service station, but at the very least it should be edible.

Later, both my wife and I experienced mild food poisoning which couldn't have come from anywhere else other than the EDC Toddington Service area.

It is disgusting that a Company should make such solid profit from serving up - sorry, serving up shit.

Please EDC Toddington try harder, much harder! Do you get hygiene inspections at all?




Re: Eat & Drink Co.

Post by Andrew » 15 Jan 2012, 19:03

Reading West Services - Eat & Drink Company, poor, slow service, arrogant staff who dont care about the customer, poor quality of drinks, no blended/mixed properly, avoid at all costs.


Re: Eat & Drink Co.

Post by Guest » 21 Jan 2012, 19:38

Stopped at EDC on the way to a conference (Stafford Northbound). Female manager behaviour was disgraceful towards her staff. She was downright rude. The young ladies serving were a delight and kept their cool considering this woman's attitude. How she keeps her job I don't know, perhaps Management don't care about the welfare of their staff. My only other complaint is what they call "selling up". If I want a large I will ask for a large (don't they think they cost a fortune anyway), and obviously the staff are uncomfotable doing it. It's about time Moto had a reality check, looked after their staff, sorted out their Management and dropped the "selling up".


Re: Eat & Drink Co.

Post by Phred » 25 Feb 2012, 12:33

EDC - Doncaster North

Friday, 24th February, '12 - about 5pm

1. The staff were more interested in talking to each other than serving the waiting customers.
2. Eventually ordered pie, chips and beans - paid also for a watery latte - cost nearly £10.
3. Ask for some mustard to go with steak pie - 'We don't do mustard.'
4. Order brought to table - when cover removed - there were a miserly group of 12 chips; the pie was lukewarm and the beans were floating in very liquid tomato sauce.

Poor food - poor service - rating zilch!
I certainly won't be eating there again.

On a previous occasion - about a week before - after getting a coffee from the EDC machine and waiting for several minutes to order - I was informed that staff were having lunch and weren't taking orders for about 20 minutes!!


Re: Eat & Drink Co.

Post by Kathryn » 28 Feb 2012, 12:09

EDC Winchester South Services

Monday 11.46

Account Manager - fancied a bacon sandwich - silly idea £4.39 later - I shouldn't have agreed to have it really but was between customers', bad traffic morning. Sandwich very poor and over priced - will not be eating at EDC again.


Re: Eat & Drink Co.

Post by scotlop » 15 Mar 2012, 10:03

EDC Southwaite.
Food looks good in advertising, shame about the real thing. staff very rude, pushy to pay before even seeing the food, the approximate 12 strands of cheese (and that was after asking for more cheese) on baked potato only edible bit. disgraceful, will not use again.


Re: Eat & Drink Co.

Post by Thommo » 05 Apr 2012, 17:38

:cry: stopped at Newbury Travelodge on Friday 30 March after travelling 300 miles we were looking forward to a nice meal. we were assured by the assistant that the fish and chips were lovely, so we took his word for it, I was surprised when he fried the fish from FROZEN, we were asked if we wanted peas or beans, without being charged extra. When we asked for vinegar they said they did not have any us til the next week! The fish was absolutely FOUL! It was not until I found the receipt today that I found I could have had a refund if not happy, it's a pity this is not pointed out when you order the food. After reading all other comments on this company it is obviously one to avoid.


Re: Eat & Drink Co.

Post by Guest » 09 Apr 2012, 11:25

Ii have just consumed what I can only describe as the worst breakfast I`ve ever bought anywhere in the world in my 64 years on this planet. It was purchased at the Reading Services at 10:29 AM on Monday 9 April 2012. It was described as a "Full English". The sausages were case-hardened, the eggs were like rubber, a larger diameter version of the black pudding would have doubled as a disc-style spare for my car and and the hash browns had obviously been only just refused as an exhibit in the Antiqures Road Show. I had just got off a long haul flight and was hungry and the offering was consumed, albeit without pleasure, but I wrote this review within minutes of consumption for fear that I might be hospitalised within the day due to an intestinal blockage.
I happen to be British, resident overseas, and what the American or European visitor would have said, done (and been locked up for afterwards) I shudder to think!
You can be assured that I will never sponsor your food massares ever again.
I have the receipt for Transaction #2020, will keep and frame it as a momento, and will gladly accept a donation in exchange for its return if you can track me down...............