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Motorway Services Online is not currently on Twitter. Our account, , was classed as "suspicious" on 29 September 2020, and was blocked from use. We were using the account at the time, so we know it was not compromised.

In order to unsuspend the account, Twitter tells us that we must answer a verification phone call from them, but that phone call never comes. The phone number they have for us is correct.

A quick search of Twitter reveals that numerous people have been having this problem, and that it has been going on since at least May 2020 - see link.

To make matters worse, we have contacted Twitter Support for help, but the only reply we have received to date says:
"We need to complete your open case before you can submit a new one. Please do not respond to this email as replies are not monitored."

Again, a cursory glance at Twitter's public support handle reveals that people have been waiting for their case to be resolved for months. Our case number is #0174750227. Not that they care.

So with no answers from Twitter, we are reduced to writing the world's most petty online grovel.

That's because it is pretty strange to be saying that Twitter has punished a website about motorway service stations more seriously than it has the supremacists, the stalkers and the warmongers who bash their fists into the tweet button every day.

For us this is a bit embarrassing, but we really feel sorry for the small businesses who depend on Twitter for their exposure and customer support. This could be their income gone - and their only crime was actually using the service.

Officially we still don't know what we did wrong, other than it was "suspicious". They won't tell us.

Of course, in whatever year Twitter finally decides to handle our support query, we will go back to using it every day. We miss you all. We know that our complaint is rather hollow.

But Twitter only makes money as a business if people use it, so their attitude of haphazardly blocking accounts and not caring about who it affects isn't just a case of "you get what you pay for", but rather a direct insult to the people who were keeping them going.

In the meantime, erm, light a candle for us or something. Tell your friends about our plight. You remember us, the ones who used to post photos of grubby old service stations.


Every time you click your fingers, a harmless society gets wrongly banned from Twitter.

If you do want to ask us a question on Twitter, you can contact my personal account, .

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