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Whether you find them enthralling or tiresome, you remember a visiting a motorway service area. Motorway Services Online attempts to catalogue useful information for people that use them, along with serious research into their background, thanks to our genuine passion for both social-history and the retail industry. And motorways. (More about MSO)


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Welcome Break: A shop called Music Stop (location unknown).
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Budbrooke: The former Little Chef / Autogrill / Breakfast Junction diner at Budbrooke South, remaining abandoned since 2018.Magor: Some cross-branding at Magor, where First gave a brief mention to Bolton West.Magor: The First branding on display at Magor in 2007.

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As well as writing about current facilities at a service station, we also take a detailed look at the industry's history. Here are some examples of our history pages:

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