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Road: A1(M) around J56
Location: Barton, Richmond, North Yorkshire

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This is about an unbuilt service area on the A1(M). For Moto's lorry park, see Barton Park. For the services on the A11, see Barton Mills.

Barton is a bit odd. Planning permission was granted for a service area on the A1 in this area in the 1990s. Very little is known about this and it's hard to find out where the site would be, in fact so little action was taken on it that it has always been presumed that the idea had died.

However, more recently the number of services along the A1 has come into question, and when talking about potential developments this unknown site at Barton always comes up. The Highways Agency's review of service area locations in 2010 concluded that a new service area was needed near Darlington, and added that they understand one had been proposed.

To further mix things up, Moto have a hand in a truckstop (Barton Lorry Park), which is at J56 of the A1(M), and a service area was once proposed at Stobb Cross on the A1(M) north of J60 but dropped after objections.

So if anyone can clear up any of the points raised on this page, please update this.

Original Plans[edit]

Unfortunately the history isn't any clearer. Several documents for the construction of the A1(M) refer to forthcoming services at "High Clump" and "Low Clump", which is in the Barton area, but no precise location has ever been found. Land was apparently prepared in 1967 with proposals deferred until 1970, but plans continued until about 1973.

A northbound service area with an underpass to the other side was considered at Archdeacon Newton.