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Fictional names

Most government drawings of example road signs will use fictional place names, this is usually to avoid confusion caused by conflicting place names (if London and Glasgow were listed as being in the same direction, for example), or the alternative, which is to search for a suitable real-life location for every example road sign. With motorway services, there is an additional problem where using real road signs may generate unfair publicity for one company and lead to accusations of bias.

In addition to the examples listed below, for many years Forton was the example service area used in the Highway Code and other documents, even when the sign in question was referring to non-motorway services.

Name Type Signs Notes Example
Puddleworth Motorway service area and truckstop All service area direction signs - Diagrams 2919.1, 2920.1, 2310.1, 2311.1, 2311.2, 2929 and non-prescribed sign NP2919.2

New signs NP2917.1, NP2919.3 and NP2920.2

The most common example, appears in the Highway Code. Puddleworth truckstop
Motorway service area New sign NP2917.1, 2919.3 Introduced in 2012, as the services list sign now needs names and not operators. Woodhouse is on the M5 north, the other two are on the M4, Odford is also included on NP2919.3 (later diagram 2919.3).
Good Food Operator Advance direction signs (diagrams 2919.1 and 2920.1) The owner of Puddleworth and Odford services. One variant of diagram 2920.1, used to illustrate a stylised headboard, had the operator named 'Goode Food' and owning Kirkby services. Puddleworth services
Woodhouse Fifty
Good Egg
Operators Diagram 2917 (the list of forthcoming services) Roadcook sounds suspiciously like Roadchef. No longer used. In recent years only the first one or two were shown, but in the 1980s all four were used on different drawings. Services distances sign
Operators Diagram 838.2 Used in the 1981 reports only.
Kirkby Rest area, services Non-prescribed signs NP2919.3, NP2920.2, NP2921.2, NP2921.3, NP2910.2, NP2311.3, NP2311.4 and NP2310.2 (rest areas) Currently only used in Circular 01/2008 as this is the only document to deal with rest areas. Shares its name with a town in Merseyside. An older drawing of diagram 2920.1 was also used for 'Kirkby services'. Kirkby rest area
Northwood Service area not on Primary or Motorway route Direction signs on all-purpose roads, "Know your Traffic Signs" Only featured in government document Know your Traffic Signs Service Area
Thorpe St Michael Village providing local facilities Signs for local facilities - diagrams 2308.1 and 2309.1 Local facilities
Northway Industial Estate Diagrams 2806 and 2806.1 - the industrial estate where a truckstop can be found. There are several places called Northway, including a service area.
M41 Motorway Diagram 2330: 'No services on M41'. Used to be a motorway in Central London, whilst it didn't have any services it never had this sign. No services on M41

All the example a-road services signs don't give a name.