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Love them or hate them, we've all used a motorway service area before. Motorway Services Online attempts to catalogue useful information for people that use them and serious research into their background, powered by sporadic dosages of enthusiasm for social-history and the retail industry. And motorways.

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Chippenham LC Interior 2 2016.JPG
Chippenham: A second image of the former Little Chef interior within the main amenity building at Chippenham in September 2016. The former Little Chef kitchen to the right behind the fake wall and the former seating area to the left.
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Annandale_Water: The mini waterfall. It continues down into the purposes-built lake, with lovely flowers and bushes surrounding it. Annandale Water is likely one of the most beautiful service stations in the UKToddington: Looking north at the rejected Toddington layout.Toddington: A model of Kenning's second plan for Toddington, looking south, with a picnic area in the distance.

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