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Kentford services

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Address:Kentford Services
Grid reference:TL719670
Services type:Two sites located between junctions, with no public connection between them.

A former dual sided service station located on the A14 near Newmarket, Kentford Services has been derelict for quite a long time. Each side was formerly home to a filling station and a Little Chef restaurant.

Former Facilities

Catering: Little Chef Forecourt: BP, Shop

Trivia and History

The services first opened in the 1970s as a dual sided service area with each side sporting the combination of a BP filling station and a Little Chef restaurant. The Little Chef on each side opened between 1977 and 1980.

In the 1990s, the filling stations on each side were demolished. The shops weren't demolished but it is unknown if they closed at the same time as the filling stations or closed a little later. The Little Chefs still went on though.

Between 2003 and 2005, the services had closed unexpectedly and both of the Little Chef restaurants were left to stand empty. Both of the Little Chefs still had all of the furniture remaining inside of them for a while and the restaurants were even left unlocked. However, the furniture has since been removed and the Little Chefs are now boarded up.

In 2005/06, a broken water pipe had caused the kitchen of the northbound Little Chef to flood. This was the point when the restaurant building (and its interior) had started to fall into disrepair with broken windows, a messy interior and a collapsing ceiling.

In the late 2000s, the shop buildings (which were once full of broken junk after the services had closed) were demolished but the Little Chefs were left untouched. It is unknown what future the services will have.

As on 2017, nothing has ever come of Kentford however both buildings are up for sale through Ashwell Rogers website.

The Remains of Kentford Services

  • The former Little Chef restaurants
  • The shop buildings (before they were demolished)
  • A broken HGV windscreen (before removed)
  • Broken tiles (before removed)
  • Exposed wiring (before removed)
  • The machines and items inside of the shops (before removed)
  • A newspaper stand (before removed)
  • Little Chef lamposts
  • Little Chef car parks