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Burger King

Burger King
Burger King
Locations:60 MSA sites
Associated names:KFC, Little Chef
Predecessors:Little Chef Express, Cafe Nescafe, Burger Express
Successors:Coffee Tempo!
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Twitter: @BurgerKing

Burger King has become extremely common on the motorway, ever since Pavilion opened the first four in 1993. Pavilion were bought by Granada, who tried it again in 1996 and then immediately rolled out another 50. Today, it can be found at almost every Moto, Welcome Break and many of the lesser-known services.

Welcome Break often pair it up with KFC, whereas Roadchef are now going for Burger King's biggest rival, McDonald's. McDonald's have only just given permission for their brand to be used at motorway services, until then Burger King had a bit of a monopoly.

It dates back to 1954 when the company first set up, and it's grown with businesses in over 60 countries.


Burger King operate at Moto, Welcome Break and Euro Garages sites. They are:

A-road Services

Northern Ireland

Both Northern Ireland's main motorway services have Burger King drive thrus.

Republic of Ireland

Former Locations

Please note that these lists are incomplete and focus largely on the a-roads already covered on this site.