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Membury: Fone Bitz shop at Membury services, eastbound
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Stirling: Imagine you have just walked through the new entrance and have turned right. You've walked through what used to be the doors between the restaurant and sun lounge and have arrived in the restaurant. Costa is to the left, in one half of the old Country Kitchen seating area, and the EDC seating is to the right with a link to the BK at the 1 o'clock position. The wall with the screen on it is the side of BK's kitchen and once would have been additional Country Kitchen seating. Today customers are directed from the new entrance right through the middle of the restaurant and through the exit for the EDC servery which seems a bit illogical and confusing. This does suggest that EDC may soon disappear though.  The pitched roof would have been the natural middle of the Country Kitchen restaurant and was originally finished in polished wood. It also formed the perfect line from the, once wider, exit of the servery through to the entrance to the sun lounge. Now, with so many additions and internal changes, nothing really lines up properly and it all looks a bit scrappyStirling: Looking away from the old entrance towards the EDC. The new configuration of these services suggests that EDC might not be long for this world. Originally this would have been the Country Kitchen and there would have been glass doors and a partition wall where the signs areMoto: The new entrance to Stirling Moto amenity building. This is through the side of what was the old "Sun Lounge" on the north side of the restaurant. Previously this was a bit of a backwater but full of ex-Granada bits. All character has now been lost and the space is a corridor. The extension, added in the early 2000s, to give more BK seating is visible here too

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Photos and information on a half-built service area on the M3 near Basingstoke.

By far the most iconic service station, Forton is well know for its iconic tower at the northbound services.

The smallest of the 'big three' operators, formed as a venture between Lindley Catering Investments and Galleon World Travel in the '70s.

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