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Locations:1 house, 1 car
Associated names:My family, mostly
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Headquarters address:Hampshire
Motorway Services
My website

I run this website, so if you were looking to ask any questions you're probably still in the right place. If you want to contact me you can tap the 'email owner' link under 'community', write on my talk page or send me a message on the forums. Or you could try doing all three at the same time.

Please don't be disheartened by what I do here. I've probably put years of my life in to this site (which is quite silly, really), so anything I do is done purely because I care about it.

FACT: I am twice as popular as Bridgwater services.

Where I've Been

Full details: Map:Johnathan404

Things I'm Doing

  • Being stunned by Alan's knowledge of Little Chef.
  • Getting annoyed by roundabouts that shouldn't be there, especially if they're on the A27.
  • Sending terse emails to people who blame me for the service they've received on the M25.
  • Sending friendly emails to people who are nice to me.
  • Looking for horizontal scrollbars... and eliminating them
  • Preferred the old .jpg autoextension
  • Looking at the general page quality.
  • Some other things.