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Christmas and New Year Opening Hours

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By far the most asked question in the emails at this time of year regards opening hours over the Festive Period. So, let's get this one out the way:

By law, all motorway services must provide basic facilities every minute of the year!

By basic facilities, we mean free toilets, at least two hours free parking, fuel, hot drinks and snacks. During quiet periods (such as on Christmas Day), this may well be achieved by directing everyone to the petrol station or, if a bridge is available, to the service station on the other side of the road.

This law applies only to official motorway services. The rule for official A-road services (services which are signed from an A-road) is that they do not need to be open on Christmas Day, Boxing Day or New Year's Day, and in some cases they don't need to be open between 8pm and 8am. In practice, most large petrol stations will choose to open anyway.

These are just the minimum requirements. To find out when a particular franchise will be open, or to get details for non-motorway services, you should contact the operator or service station in question.

Merry Christmas!

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