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2020 - Roadside Restaurants

What's your favourite roadside restaurant?

We don't talk about independent diners much on here, simply because that's not our specialist subject. But we are conscious that many of them are always working against the odds just to pay the bills, and this summer will be much tougher than usual.

We're asking motorists to take the time to visit a new restaurant. If you like it, tell people, if you don't, quietly tell the owner why. Public snarkiness might be fair game when dealing with big companies with managers who together have decades of industry experience, but when it's a family firm genuinely trying to pay the rent, it's not on.

If you work for one - or you know a good one - let us know in the comments below so we can give them a few shout-outs this summer.

What are we looking for? We'd like to hear about any of your favourite places to eat while on the road, but in particular we'd like to hear some support for the independents and family-run places.

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